Kru B&W

Kru Alberto “Thai-Tanium” Ramirez

Master’s Hall of Fame inductee Kru Alberto Ramirez is one of two head instructors at Chaisai Muay Thai Seattle. Kru has been involved in the martial arts for over 43 years. Kru Alberto is the Washington state representative for the USMTA (United States Muay Thai Association) and the W.K.F. (World Kickboxing Federation). An…

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Kru Yai Ariana “Bling Bling” Ramirez

Master’s Hall of Fame inductee Ariana “Bling Bling” Ramirez is the lead instructor at Chaisai Muay Thai Seattle. Known to her students as “Boss,” she has over 20 years of ring-tested fighting experience and is a world Muay Thai champion. She was one of the fighters featured in the Oxygen channel’s…

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mr Herrman

Mr. Chris Herrman

Mr. Herrman holds the rank of Red Sash Chan 7 and is the highest-ranked assistant instructor in Muay Thai under Kru Alberto and Ariana Ramirez at our Chaisai Seattle location.  Chris began training in Karate as a student at Syracuse University in 1991 and has been teaching since 1994. He relocated to Seattle in…

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Belle Ampoan

Ms. Belle is a Chaisai Red sash Leader level 1 under Kru Alberto and Ariana Ramirez . Belle has been training at Alpha Martial Arts since 2011. – Registered USMTA fighter – Certified barre3 instructor – BA in Business Administration, dual emphasis in Management and Marketing; from the U. of Washington…

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