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Since 1997, Chaisai Muay Thai has offered authentic Muay Thai Kickboxing instruction, led by former World Muay Thai Champion, Kru Alberto Ramirez, and his wife, female Muay Thai World Champion and star of Oxygen’s “Fight Girls,” Ariana Ramirez. With over 43 years of martial arts experience, Kru has trained and managed some of the best fighters in Washington.

Now based in Seattle out of Alpha Martial Arts, we offer group training for all levels, private instruction, and fighter development. Contact us to get started!


Fitness and fighting made fun!

Our curriculum is structured and accessible to all interested students: some join without the desire to compete, while others are primed for the ring.

Muay Thai

Muay Thai classes are high energy and high intensity training that will leave you dripping in sweat! Students will learn the basic and advanced techniques (boxing, kicking, elbows, knees) while becoming lean and fit.


Chaisai’s ALL LEVEL Muay Thai program is taught by former World Muay Thai champs and Hall of Fame inductees Kru Alberto and Kru Ariana Ramirez. Our advanced Muay Thai program kicks things up a notch from the basic foundation you learned with our beginning classes.


Fight Partners

We are proud to share our association with regional and national Muay Thai and Martial Arts organizations.


World Kickboxing and Karate Assn.


World Muay Thai Council


Alpha Martial Arts


US Muay Thai Association

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