Adding a Fighter

In the wp-admin menu, on the left side of the page click Fighters, then click Add new. A page like this will appear.

image of a new fighter page
  1. In the Title field (where it says Enter Title Here), enter the fighter’s full name.
  2. In the Body field (where it says Type / to choose a block), enter the match decisions for the fighter in the format <date> <description> (<decision>), e.g. “3/27/15 Sam loss Victor Saravia (Decision)
  3. In the Age field, enter the fighter’s age.
  4. In the Weight field, enter the fighter’s weight, in pounds.
  5. In the Feet and Inches field sets, enter the fighter’s height in feet and inches.
  6. In the Photo field, you may choose a photo for the fighter. This photo will show up on the main Fight Team page next to the listing for this fighter.
  7. In the Short description field, enter fighter’s short biography. The short biography will show up on the main Fight Team page as part of the listing for this fighter. 
  8. In the Record field set, enter in the fighter’s win/loss record. There is a space for wins, losses, draws, and KOs.
  9. In the Photos/YouTube videos field set, you can add additional photos and/or YouTube videos of this fighter. They will show up on the fighter’s individual page as a slideshow, in lieu of the photo you set in the Photo field.
    • Adding a photo:
      • To add a new photo, click the Select image(s) button.
      • Click the Media Library tab to view local images. You can select multiple images.
      • Optionally, click the Upload tab to upload a photo from your computer using the form field and click Submit.
      • A form will appear where you can change some information about the photo. You should name the image something meaningful, so you can search for it later. Click Add Multiple Images to save.
      • The popup will disappear and your photo will have been added.
    • Adding a YouTube video:
      • Click the Add another item button. This will create a space for a new video.
      • Click the Select media button. A pop up will appear.
      • Click on the Web tab at the top of the popup.
      • The form will change. Copy the URL of the YouTube video into the form field and click Submit.
      • A preview of the video will appear. Click the Save button.
      • The popup will disappear and your YouTube video will have been added.
    • Removing a photo or video:
      • Find the photo or video you would like to remove.
      • Highlight it and a red X will appear – click it.
      • The photo or video will have been removed. In its place, you can add another photo or video if you want.
  10. To the right of the form, there are a number of other settings. The main one we want here is Featured Image. click to expand, then select the profile picture for the Fighter. This is the image that will appear on the Fighter’s page.
  11. Click Update in the upper right corner. Once it is updated, a link will appear to let you view the page. If you go to the main Fight Team page, the fighter will have been added to the listings.