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All level Kickboxing

Our all level kickboxing/ Muay Thai classes are high energy and high intensity training that will leave you dripping in sweat! Students will learn the basic techniques (boxing, kicking, elbows, knees) while becoming lean and fit. Classes are held on weekday evenings and Saturday mornings.

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All level Muay Thai

Chaisai’s all level Muay Thai program is taught by former World Muay Thai champs and Hall of Fame inductees Kru Alberto and Kru Ariana Ramirez. Our advanced Muay Thai program kicks things up a notch from the basic foundation you learned with our beginning classes.

Here you will learn the Art of 8 limbs, Muay Thai, and develop proper technique and application.  Our curriculum is structured and accessible to all interested students. While there is more contact, this is not a fighter-only class. Some students join without the desire to compete, while others are primed for the ring. Regardless of intention, each student will continue to grow and learn in a safe, controlled and structured curriculum. The mind and body are tested beyond their limits with higher intensity and technique-focused training.

Tuesdays: 8:15p–9:15p (Led by Kru Alberto and Kru Ariana Ramirez)

Thursdays: 8:15p–9:15p (Led by Kru Alberto and Kru Ariana Ramirez)

Saturdays: 10:30a–11:30a (Led by Kru Alberto and Kru Ariana Ramirez)

Sparring Classes

Saturdays: 11:30a–12:00p

Private Lessons

Private Lessons are available by appointment. Call or email today!

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